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Not only by promoting the most colorful & sophisticated parties, at respected venues like Salon Zur Wilde Renate, Ritter Butzke or  recently Katerblau & Crack Bellmer, Freudenthal got one of the key figures of the berlin technodisco/chug scene. Besides EP’s & remixes on labels such as NEIN Records, Tunnyl & Play Pal and playing his infamous live/DJ sets at Holzmarkt 25 & Bachstelzen he found the time to record a brilliant slow mo/chug set for us including originals and remixes by Paul Barrett, Mugwump, Musrooms Project, Clarian, Veneno, Duncan Gray, Dombrance,… which you can listen to below!

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01. Paul Barrett - Third Phase of Moon
02. Mugwump  - Until You’re Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
03. Freudenthal  - The Tibetian Artefact
04. Mushrooms Project - Tokyo By Bicycle
05. Multi Culti - Mayan Voyager
06. Clarian – Ma Shiva
07. Veneno – Solovino (Duncan Gray Remix)
08. Duncan Gray – The Weak Nuclear Force (Rich Lane Remix)
09. Dombrance - Donna

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